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Meet The Makers of 

The Soap Tank

Soaps & Bath Bomb Fizz

When the world finally opened back up, after the pandemic, one of our first outings was a trip to the farmer's market.  We came across this gorgeous booth of soaps.  Everything smelled so fresh and looked so beautiful.  I wondered just how one makes these lovely soaps?  So I went home that day and studied.  For weeks I read all about the chemistry of soap making, all the different oils and butters, and the different benefits they have with our skin. For months I tried different recipes while our friends and family willingly tested them all out.  As I was busy trying to create the perfect soap recipe, Chris thought it would be a great idea to make beard products.  He didn't have a liking for the beard oils and balms sold in retail shops, so he spent weeks finding the perfect recipe suited to his liking.  During this process I had a funny idea for a name, you know, in case we ever made it outside of friends and family, we'd certainly need a brand.  Since "Tank" has always been a nickname in the family, I wanted to include it in our branding.  And that's when The Soap Tank was born.  Our soaps are made by cold process, in small batches, with all natural oils, and we keep them simple!  We are Chris and Melissa and we own The Soap Tank in Seguin, TX.


MOJO Candle Co.


My husband and I created MOJO Candle Co. after trying to come up with a unique Christmas gift for our families in 2022! After going downtown to do some shopping for dough bowl candles, we soon found out that they were overpriced and we would find another gift idea. Time passed and we decided to make our own candles. How hard can it be right? Wrong! After learning about all the elements of candle making, we had successfully made our first batch of beautiful dough bowl candles for our family. When Christmas was over, we went back to our full-time jobs but the candles were still on our minds. We decided to make a few more to sell to friends and family at a fraction of the cost that the stores downtown were selling them for. Little did we know that would be the start of MOJO Candle Co.! Over time, we started to change the appearance of our candles to be unique and up to date with the seasons. Adding color schemes and decoration to the top of our candles with unique labels and packaging, gave our product a different appeal than what was out there. MOJO Candle Co. is now honored to share that our products are showcased in The Guadalupe Trading Co. in Seguin, Texas! We also take on special projects such as weddings, birthday parties, non-profit organization events, local markets and more. MOJO Candle Co. offers a range of products from various dough bowl sizes, glass candles, wax melts, car diffusers and t-shirts. Best part of all, we make all of our products by hand, right here in New Braunfels, Texas using all-natural soy wax. Thanks for getting to know us and we hope to share our products with you soon!

Hibiscus Large_edited.jpg

That Southern Draw

Greeting Cards

I am a Mom of three & wife of one (lol), and a proud San Antonio native. I’ve lived in Charleston SC for 14 years, and in New Orleans this last year working for NASA! A few months ago, my family and I finally moved back to Texas, bought land in Floresville along with my pig, Dolly, goats, chickens and Basset Hounds. I finally get to work on my creative passion, creating beautiful art, full of love and hard work while honoring my roots where I wear my boots, in Good ‘Ol Texas! I have endless “mom jokes,” and love that I can apply that to my cards without judgment, lol. Every card I create involves a happy dance that I do when it’s complete! … no really! I hope to open a storefront very soon in Floresville and can’t wait to engage with our great community. Every purchase, every compliment, every new friend I make in my new journey, I ALWAYS Thank God with a  grateful heart for finally being home, with family, doing what I love. Thank you for your support. I hope to meet you at my next event!

Your neighbor,


BND Creations


"My name is Becka, and I'm your freshie girl. I was born and raised in Floresville, Texas where I now raise my two boys. I have been a veterinary technician for almost seventeen years now, and I started this side business three years ago when my son started playing travel baseball to help cover some of the expenses. I work out of a little office in my home and I love being able to make people happy with my creative side. My business has really taken off in the last two years and now I can hardly keep up but I am forever grateful for all the love and support I have received and continue to receive from all of you."


Danielle Estrada

Crocheted Hats & Scarves

Danielle Estrada is a saved by grace wife, mother and homemaker. After living in Seguin for twelve years, she and her family now live in San Antonio. One of her favorite things to do is to make simple things in life fun and memorable by adding a handmade touch. She was inspired to do this by watching her mother and grandmothers. It was on one visit to her Grandmother’s house, as a young girl, where she was taught a basic crochet stitch, the chain. After making an incredible amount of chains and not knowing what to do with them she put her crochet hook away. It wouldn’t be until several years later while in college, when her mother gave her a “teach yourself to knit kit” that she picked her needles back up and taught herself to knit. Being this was before YouTube, it took her quite a while but as any maker who is determined to learn a new skill will tell you, she just kept trying until it clicked. It was soon after this she returned to crochet, this time making more than chains and even helping Grandma finish a few projects. Using fiber arts, such as knitting and crocheting, has been a creative outlet for her and a way to show care for others. Danielle loves that knitting and crocheting produces a lovely practical item that can be used or enjoyed. Danielle says, “My favorite part about knitting and crocheting for somebody is that you get to think about that person and pray for them as you make each stitch whether it’s somebody you know or not. It’s a great privilege to make something with your hands that somebody enjoys.


Texas Wild

BBQ Sauce & Salsa

Meier Ranch Foods is a family-owned-and-operated gourmet food line of salsas and barbecue sauces created in Fredericksburg, Texas in the 1990’s.  Originally established by the Meier family, the “Texas Wild” brand carries on the tradition of offering local Texas inspired flavors including pecan, smokey Mesquite, garlic and of course, an array of mild to hot peppers. 
The family continues the legacy of making salsa and barbecue sauce recipes created on the ranch that has been in the family for 5 generations. We take great pride in continuing to offer Texas made,  “Texas Wild” flavors to you.


Patty's Wreaths-N-More


My name is Patty Stewart, I am originally from the small town of Devine but moved to New Braunfels about 4 years ago. Little about myself, I am engaged to a man I’ve known since we were 8 years old and between the both of us we have six kids. We both work full time, and the kids' school and extracurricular activities keep us pretty busy but when I do have free time I am making wreaths!! Wreath making started for me after my father passed away. I had a couple of his t-shirts and I wanted to turn those t-shirts into something for my mom and brothers. I wanted to repurpose the shirt into something special to have in their homes. I looked up how to make a wreath. Turns out I was pretty good at using burlap. I used the material from the t-shirts and added it into the burlap. It turned out to make a beautiful wreath and a beautiful way to have a piece of our dad in our homes. After that I would make a wreath here and there as a gift for someone and people told me I should look into selling them. I didn’t think much of it but decided to post them online. People absolutely loved my work and the rest is history! It’s something I truly enjoy doing. My children will help sometimes also. It’s a great way for us to sit and bond. I get so excited to take a pile of ribbon and mesh and turn it into something beautiful! 


38 Pecans

Flavored Pecans

38 Pecans is a third-generation Texan pecan business with orchards in Seguin, Tx.  Our family has been growing and harvesting pecans for over 60 years.  We started the business nine years ago with the intent to retail, wholesale and sell our pecans online.  Today we have wholesale partnerships that distribute pecans all over Texas, a store front beside our orchards in Seguin and we sell online at   Most recently we developed a new line of gluten free pecan-based coating mixes that come in multiple flavors.  Instead of using all-purpose flour, corn meal or breading mixes you now have a healthier option to coat, bake, fry or top your favorite meats, vegetables, seafood or casseroles. 
38 Pecans offer Hill Country Jalapeno, Nutty Cajun and Southwest Hatch Chili Pecan Coating Mixes. On the sweet side we also offer Honey Toasted and Cinnamon Dolce Baking Blends
Who doesn’t like pecans!
In early 2018 we entered HEB’s Annual Quest for Texas Best competition and made it as a top 25 finalist!  All of our hard work is culminating into something very special and we’re excited to see what the next steps look like for the company.
My goal has always been to extend my grandfather’s legacy and to start a business around a product I know very well, and it looks like we’re well on our way.

Round Roadie.webp

Nikki's Design Co.

Gemstone Jewelry

Nikki's Design Co. was born two years ago with a Christmas gift from a family member. With that gift, Nikki found a love for jewelry making that is quality, elegant and modest. Nikki is just 15 years old and a sophomore in Seguin, TX. She frequents local markets promoting her business and meeting new people to share her jewelry with.  You can find more by following her facebook or instagram -

Sterling Silver Gem Bar Necklace.JPEG

Mary Pelton

Pottery & more

I started making pottery when I was in my 20’s. I went to pottery class at the Mc Nay Art Institute. It doesn’t exist anymore but it is now the Mc Nay Art Museum. Soooo that’s been about 50 years ago. It’s been a wonderful hobby all along. My “real job” was always a hairdresser but pottery as a hobby, allowed me to sit down.
My favorite things to make are bowls and vases. Mugs take a bit more time but they are always good sellers. 
Since I’m retired now, the studio I work in allows me to socialize with like minded craftsmen. We have fun seeing what each of us make and the differences in our techniques. Most of them are beginners so it’s fun to help them progress. 

pottery pic.jpg

Boots & Belles

Beaded Pens

Boots & Belles started from a simple hobby with just mother and daughter that has now included the entire family in taking part of the business. We use this quality family time to provide others with unique gifts for their family and friends to share. We have been working out of our home making items for the whole family to enjoy. We design for men, women, kids ranging from ID badge reels, T-shirts, coasters, signs, tumblers and more that you can make your own. We guarantee our designs!


Holdman Honey

Honey - Local & Raw

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. – Proverbs 16:24

Holdman Honey is owned by David and Susan Holdman, along with our Four kids, Roby, Reagan, Ruston and Raleigh.  David works with the bees, along with the bottling and distribution. Susan manages the finances and marketing. The kids are great at working the honey extractor, putting the labels on jars, and of course, eating honey.
We have over 3000 beehives and counting. Many of our colonies have local origins but some of our queens come from as far away as Hawaii. In the spring, our bees collect nectar from the bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers. During the rest of the summer, they gather from flowering plants such as cactus, mesquite, and sunflowers.

Why raw honey? Since honey, in its natural state, never spoils, why would anyone pasteurize it? In reality, conventional honey is overheated, to pasteurize it, so that it can be filtered. The problem with this is two-fold: First, overheating kills the natural enzymes and the flavor, and it neutralizes the anti-oxidant benefits. And second, filtering removes pollen and other good stuff that help to make raw honey a super-food.
We hope you give us the opportunity to share some of the natural goodness the bees have shared with us.

8oz muth.webp


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